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Chanel Releases Karl Lagerfeld-Designed Bag Collection Inspired by Ancient Egypt

If you've got a few thousand dollars laying around...

Chanel releases clunky fashion line inspired by ancient Egypt

After debuting it in last December's Chanel Metiers d'Art Show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chanel has released its gaudy but nonetheless intriguing line of Ancient Egypt-inspired bag in select boutiques in the states.

Designed by the late, infamous Karl Lagerfeld, the collection features some interesting pieces, but is arguably a rather clunky, on-the-nose line, not least the small black and gold, pyramid-shaped minaudière, pictured in the main image. That’s right, folks; using thousands of years of an Ancient Egyptian history and artistic heritage as a muse, Chanel dove deep into it’s creative waters and designed a pyramid-shaped handbag (for all your pesky triangular accessories) which is priced at an eye-watering $3,600. Khufu must be turning in his grave.

As a whole, the collection uses a neutral palette, taking cues from everything from the crocodiles of the Nile, to the geometric designs associated with Ancient Egyptian art. Naturally, Lagerfeld has been very liberal with his use of gold, because, well, why not? You can check out the some of the other bags below, but we can't leave you without explaining exactly what went down at the Chanel Metiers d'Art Show, because it was, let's say, interesting.

There's a 'Walk Like an Egyptian' joke here that we're NOT going to use, as excruciatingly tempting as it might be...

The runway presentation (which, on a side note, featured a sombre-looking Pharell Williams kind-of dressed up as King Tut) took place against the backdrop of the remains of the Temple of Dendur. That makes sense and it added some actual authenticity to proceedings, but then things got weird. The show’s soundtrack is a song titled Egypt, Egypt by Egyptian Lover (of course), which included poetic lyrics, like “Egypt, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt. Give me a freaky kinky nation, with a total female population.” Absolutely riveting. Anyway, see more bags below. When will they be available in Egypt? Probably never, unless you know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy.

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