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Craftsy: Handmade Bohemian Goodies

Hippies of the city rejoice! You no longer have to go all the way to Sinai to get your hands on some cool boho goodies thanks to Craftsy and their funky DIY pieces that range from bracelets to dream catchers.

Adding more Bohemia to the online market are Craftsy the online store selling handmade bracelets, necklaces, pouches, wands (that's what it said but we have yet to see an image of the aforementioned magical instrument), dream catchers and more to the hippy bound Egyptian subculture and for the same price you’d get them for off the Sinai coast, if not less! They also knit shoes, headphone cables and possibly anything creative and original regarding custom-made requests. 

The brand's main focus is on creating a variety of multi-gendered, paw printed, striped and chevron bracelet/anklets, all hand-made, all colourful! Just the kind of stuff you’d travel far and wide for - the things that make you feel like a wanderlusting hippie child. But now it’s safe to say those DIY threaded, knitted and beaded goodies aren’t just the product of a Sinai bound practice any longer. Craftsy bring that sun-fuelled and beach-driven vibe straight to the city with more variety, precision and dedication, with more and more products coming into picture by the day including knitted headbands for girls and resizable bracelet/anklets as well as ones with clasps for easier use!

Craftsy’s products come in all sizes and colours, and for all genders. Available by orders. Worth a check out hippies.

Check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram here.