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DASHBeautyCon Sets Off to Redefine Beauty in Egypt

Bringing together the faces, designers, influencers and artists that make up Egypt's ever-growing fashion and beauty scene, DASHBeautyCon is already the talk of the town. We speak to organiser and founder Dina Dash to find out more...

Influencers, brands, and fans all gathered together in one event: that’s the idea behind DASHbeautyCon, Egypt’s first ever conference exclusively dedicated to beauty. “We are building a community of creators redefining beauty,” says its founder Dina Dash.

Triggered by an exciting concept, pushing the boundaries of the beauty landscape in Cairo, the event will kick off on September 9th at Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel, hosting discussion panels and super cool booths where fashion addicts and beauty experts will share advice and inspiration.

“We want to bring models, fashion bloggers, designers and brands together in one place to mingle and collaborate in creative activations,” says Dash, the 20-year-old entrepreneur organising the event, which will act as a launching pad for her PR and marketing startup DASH Management.

The panels, led by personalities including Suzan Idris, Farah El Sayed and Slickr’s founder Maria Sanchez Muñoz, will revolve around different topics such as “Girl Probs,” where Cairo’s leading models will inspire participants talking about insecurities and the challenges they face during a photo shoot.

Other panels will include fashion bloggers sharing their journeys at “Talk Fashion”, designers showcasing their doodles at “Designer Life”, and “The Creatives”, where illustrators will inspire participants to dream big and develop businesses out of their passion.

“There will also be a panel called "Beyond the Filter", which is one of the most important ones, given the event’s main goal is to redefine beauty. “Beauty is so huge in its content. It’s not about being online, becoming famous and having a blog. We want to inspire youth and show that there is more to beauty than filters and comments you see today on social media,” she says.

Setting off with game-changing goals, the event aims not only to redefine beauty but also to anticipate the new faces that will become the future of advertising in the fashion world. “We always see the same faces, there is never new people added to the market,” Dash says. “That’s why we are particularly focusing on girls from 14 to 20 years old, because this is where the power of influence is today. These girls are no longer as we used to be at 13 years old. We are getting fresh faces and new clients for brands, we visualise a future where influencers will turn into vloggers, and we aim to leverage on that,” she adds.

With 150 attendees registered just a few days after the announcement, the event promises to up the beauty game in Egypt anticipating, as well, a surprise guest of honour.