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Daima's Fab Jackets are Upcycled and Handcrafted by Egyptian Women

Local label Daima sells handcrafted, upcycled jackets by Egyptian women. Each purchase from them helps directly support the women who created your new wardrobe.

As every fashion-lover knows, nothing ever truly goes out of style. This is especially true when peering into the world of sustainable fashion. As labels across the globe jump on the upwards upcycling wave, more and more designers are repurposing old clothes for the betterment of the planet. One such local label is Daima, who creates individually hand-crafted jackets from upcycled material. Not only do you receive a one-of-a-kind piece as an eco-conscious shopper, you also support Egyptian women - the artisans behind the designs.

Launched in 2018, the local label defines itself as an “eco friendly brand where each piece has its individual inspiration and its story.” In this spirit, every jacket they make is named after the woman who made it, and half of the proceeds get funneled back into environmental charity funds. This is why the brand is named Daima, the Arabic word for ‘everlasting’, in reference to their commitment to an evergreen Egypt.

Their designs range from futuristic, edgy aesthetics to muted neutrals akin to androgynous London streetwear circa 2010s. So really, whether classic trenches or neon windbreakers are your preferred winter vibe, they really have something for everyone.