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Dance & Design with New Fashion Label RITMO

This cool and contemporary new Cairo-based fashion label proves it's never too late to live your best life.

Featuring angular leather jackets, asymmetrical dresses and stand-out sweats, Ritmo is a brand new “minimalist yet edgy” label created by May El Deeb, a 47 year-old former corporate dynamo who proved it’s never too late to switch careers and live your best live when, in 2019, she unshackled herself from the office desk and headed to the London College of Fashion.

Three years later, she’s released a lush label lovingly inspired by her passion for music and movement.  “Dance and music and shape my day, my life, my mood,” El Deeb tells #CairoScene. “I listen to the beat when I'm happy, and to the lyrics when I'm sad. That's why music and dance constitute the fabric of RITMO.”

El Deeb hopes the brand will inspire women to fearlessly pursue their passions. She imagines the RITMO woman to be a “dynamo, unafraid of making a statement. She’s everything and its opposite. A disciplined rebel, a loud and fun-loving introvert, a calm storm, and a delicate rockstar.”