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Designer Amr Saad Releases New Collection & Silver Recycling Drive

Eyewear and jewellery designer Amr Saad introduced its new collection, Orbit 2021, which features hand-made sunglasses made out of sterling silver.

Rejecting today’s fast-fashion formula, eyewear and jewellery designer Amr Saad sets himself apart with an unwavering commitment to the highest-level of Egyptian craftsmanship. Crafting their pieces entirely by hand, Amr Saad just dropped their Orbit 2021 collection featuring achingly cool statement shades.

The Orbit collection features circular shades with a simple profile, exposing the beauty of the raw materials the craftsmen work with, namely, pure sterling silver. These handmade pieces flaunt a less cluttered, more minimalist aesthetic.

The collection is inspired by the feeling of love and the regular, repeating path that objects in space takes around another—hence, ‘Orbit’. It captures the circular, all-encompassing nature of love and giving. Their Orbit III round frame shades put this concept on display with two heart shaped setting lenses and acetate sides.

Keeping in line with their steadfast appreciation for raw precious metals, Amr Saad launched their “Recycle Your Silver” initiative, where you can bring in your old silver jewellery and have it re-vamped.