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Dieu De La Vie: Egyptian Fashion House Shahira Lasheen Releases Stunning New SS19 Collection

With designs on par with runway looks worthy of 10s, 10s, 10s across the board!

Shahira Lasheen: The Egyptian Fashion House Manifesting Luxury and Immaculate Design

Remember the 2018 Met Gala theme ‘Heavenly Bodies’?  Remember those ornate looks with intricate symmetries and asymmetries, elaborate shapes and opulent shades and hues that shimmer with regal poise. Are you there? Good.

It takes a designer keen on the details and with a vision so precise, and that’s what Shahira Lasheen sought to do by launching her own distinct, namesake fashion brand. “I’m very detail-oriented, probably owning to my engineering background,” Lasheen told Cairo Scene. “We have a highly skilled technical team, as well as a solid structure right behind me, my family. So I know if I sway a bit off trail, they’ve got me.”

Through her SS19 collection ‘Dieu De La Vie’, Lasheen weaves a story told through the line’s aesthetics and palettes. Paying ode to the sun’s glory, through its science and being trenched in lore such as being an ancient symbol of astrology, the line represents the spectrum between fantasy and reality, using Lasheen’s now signature designs with decorative embellishments and whimsical fabrics that standout in their luxury.

Lasheen dropped engineering to pursue the big lush dream of launching her own fashion brand. “As a child, I was inspired by Parisian couture, feminine silhouettes and luxury fabrics, I’ve just always been a fan of elegant design, but also by leaner cuts and more structured pieces,” said Lasheen. Her designs have grown to be an amalgam of the classic looks, with an added twist of  such immaculate design through headpieces and use of fabrics in the statement dresses.

For what Lasheen is eyeing next, she said: “The goal is to take it to the next level, and do what we’re doing on a bigger stage, and we’ve got some great big plans for the future!”

 Check out more of Shahira Lasheen on Instagram.