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Djewelled's Stunning New Shoot Perfectly Embodies Egyptian Summer Elegance

Their newest line aptly named Precious is launched with a larger-than-life shoot that's more art than advertising.

Djewelled jumps to the forefront of the jewellery designing scene in Egypt once more with the stunning new line: Precious. Combining all the glamour and elegance an Egyptian summer deserves in one collection, the line is fun, vibrant, and yet iconic. Just like our fun, unforgettable summers. And the shoot embodies just that.

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend. So Djewelled's new line Precious includes both white and black ones. And those aren't the only precious stones in the stunning collection as coloured sapphires, emeralds, and rubies will also be stealing the light in pyramid-like, cubical earrings. 

The statement pieces that make up Precious combine the timelessness of classical designs with a hip, modern twist. “It still holds the same feel of Djewelled; very simple and very wearable all-day, every day, but it’s more fresh and colourful and it’s more high-end,” says Djewelled's designer Dena Essam.

In 2016, with one finger on the pulse of the latest and trendiest, new Egyptian jewellery brand Djewelled launched their first line to a sigh of relief by fashionistas and fine-jewellery junkies. Their line is made up of an ongoing collection of exquisite 18 karat gold jewellery that customers can customise whichever way they want. White, yellow, or rose gold are all used to create a girl's own masterpiece of timeless, "precious" jewellery. The new shoot, which is closer to art than anything else, also speaks to the fact that customisation includes stacking bits and bobs to "make up the perfect look", something any young woman who's fashionably individualistic would want to tap into.   

Bringing these subtle mini-icons to life in the most larger-than-life, stunning way is redefining how we might approach summer shoots and jewellery shoots altogether by making them the true hero of each shot, building a fun summer activity around each unique piece. As Maison Pyramide's Fashion Director Ikon Chiba tells us, “I wanted to portray summer activities, but in a high fashion approach that is elegant and simple, just like ‘Precious’ by Djewelled”.

Check out the full shoot:

Project | Maison Pyramide 

Art Direction | Ikon Chiba

Photography | Batool Al Daawi

Styling | Farah El Sayed

MUA | Soha Khoury

Hair | Toi Beauty Salon

Model | Heba Eldessouky

Production House | Blow Creative Studio