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Drawn-On Designs with Fashion Brand El Mo2sasa

New fashion brand El Mo2sasa is led by an enigmatic designer who uses it as a platform for satirical commentary.

‘El Mo2sasa’ is the local streetwear brand that walks up to you and says ‘hey, don’t take yourself so seriously.’

“I wanted to do something satirical, that’s why we called it ‘El Mo2sasa’, which is a take on big institutions,” said the label’s founder and designer, who would like to stay anonymous so as to not rip off the proverbial ‘V for Vendetta’ mask. “I wasn't satisfied with the streetwear scene here, I feel like all the brands copy Western labels. I wanted to do something that was inherently Egyptian, nostalgic, and native to this country.”

Their first and only collection so far is a blue and white range heavily inspired by vintage Arabic typography, the kind you would find on 20th century envelopes your grandpa sent your grandma back in the day. You know the ones. Slightly hazy, very delicate, and just a bit surreal - just like these clothes.

Keeping their avante-garde streak going, El Mo2sasa’s upcoming collection will be based on nostalgic video games (think PacMan and the like), with an underlying message to encourage people to depart from reality and transcend into something altogether sillier.

Get your hands on these dystopian hoodies and sweats through