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Ebretein's Winter Collection

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, Christmas with family, beanies, and scarves - that spells winter, and that means Ebretein.

With winter on its way, we have to snuggle up on the couch, turn the heater on, and enjoy being home. But what if you want to go out? You have to wear layers and layers of clothes…or do you? With this cute new brand that's just kicked off in Cairo, the wool scarves and headbands will keep you warm without looking like someone stuffed you with pillows. Ebretein is an enchanting brand with a warm and cozy aesthetic. They make handmade winter products, and customers have the freedom to customise their scarves and headbands according to colour, wrap, and style. “They’re all handmade products that take a lot of time and effort. They need patience and accuracy, because if I do something wrong, it messes up the whole routine. It’s called “Ebretein” because I use two needles to make the products. I thought of something Arabic that would suit the products more, and the aesthetic,” said Dina Cheraki, owner of the brand.


“This all started when my daughter told me that I have to do something I’m good at instead of just staying on Facebook all day long. Each year when winter approaches, I start knitting scarves and headbands for my daughters. This winter my younger daughter encouraged me to make a business out of it because she thought I was good. We went out together and got all the supplies needed, and that's when it all started,” she explains. With perfect prices - the scarves are 100 LE and the headbands 50 LE - it doesn't get much cuter and more cost efficient than this.


Cheraki learnt the knitting technique from her mother and started to make scarves and pullovers for her children. This winter is her first time knitting headbands, and it was a success. “I am going to expand the collection next winter with a lot of new and different products. This winter is just going to be the start of our business with a small collection, just different colors, wraps, and styles of headbands and scarves,” she told us. So, hurry up and place your order for all your winter essentials.

The products can be found on their Instagram page here.