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Echappe Is Twirling Its Way Into Cairo

Curious about the name behind this elegant yet creative new accessory brand for both sexes, we touched base with the owner and were a little surprised by his answer.

It’s no secret that girls like being spoiled, especially with accessories. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – or at least that's what they choose to say; but, in reality we’d need a bazillion pounds to afford them, so we’ll just say we like silver just as much. We stumbled upon this tasteful brand that designs beautiful handmade pieces of jewellery that won't cost us limbs and body parts. Echappe was born out of the desire to create classy and elegant accessories for both men and women. It sounds very fancy and all, but what does Echappe mean? The young aspiring designer, Andrew Atef, tells us that he chose the name because it’s unusually unique and catchy. “I wanted a name that people would remember. The name is a French classical ballet term that is defined as a 'slipping movement' or 'escaping', and so I wanted to symbolise elegance, class, and delicacy. What is more elegant than ballet?” Atef explains.We know the dilemma of trying to find the perfect gift, or trying to find something elegant to go with that dress you want to wear tomorrow. We get it, we have the same issues; however, this brand is quite suitable for something simple yet chic. “I wanted to target something different - most accessories that are silver have horrible finishing, but our products are made with the utmost grace and care; quality is a must,” Atef tells us. All the products come in both silver and gold plated silver with a fine finishing. Another unique aspect is that you can be the designer - within limitations though, of course, since they’re still starting out. “Everything is handmade, so I’m flexible with designs; people can be part of the making process and can customise the designs,” he reveals. 

“In addition, something that most silver stores don’t have is that they don’t provide a lifetime warranty with each piece; however, we do. That is also one of the factors that differentiates us from others,” Atef tells us. Atef plans to expand internationally, and is hoping to have an online store soon where people can purchase all his products, so look out guys and gals!

Check out his Instagram page here.