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Egyptian Brand 'Huwa' Releases New Horoscope-Inspired Collection

The brand has channelled the gaudy aesthetics of astrology into make a chic and sleek accessories collection.

Egyptian Brand 'Huwa' Releases New Horoscope-Inspired Collection

Sure, you could roll your eyes every time someone points out that “That’s very Gemini of you.” Or you could look good. What’s your call? Huwa, the Egyptian contemporary fine accessories brand, has catered to the astrological desires, with a new horoscope-inspired collection titled ‘Astrology’ with twelve distinct statement pieces representing each of the zodiac symbols and horoscope aesthetics. 

Devoted to being the avant-grande brand making men look good, the collection features lapel pins and necklaces of each zodiac icon, ornately handcrafted to represent the characteristics of each individual zodiac. Sticking closely to the astrology’s lore, the collection is divided into the four elements. Fire represents dynamic beings seeking adrenaline-driven experiences; those that fall under Earth are regarded as grounded and sturdy beings, relentless in their endeavours. Air, meanwhile is the adaptive and restless go-getter, while water signs are veiled in mystery and considered imaginative. 

The collection aims to style a man’s everyday sophisticated, and casual attire with snazzy pieces that embody each prevailing trait; HUWA’s focused on underscoring your chic suits, blazers, and shirts this summer.

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