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Egyptian Brand MEEMA Releases Alexandria-Inspired SS19 Collection

You need it, trust us.


Light and bright are two words that are essential for any summer wardrobe, with comfort not too far behind. Egyptian brand Meema knows this all to well, though founder and designer Menna Holail seamlessly adds a touch of class to the women's wear fashion label - something that you can see plenty of in new seaside-inspired SS19 collection, Coquina.

“For me, every collection has a story," Holail tells CairoScene. "For Coquina, I was inspired by Alexandria and how beautiful the weather was that day. It popped in my head to set the theme of the collection by the sea."

That inspiration is almost programmed into Holail, as she is a born-and-bred Alexandrian. But a lot of work goes into each and every collection, including consumer research, which she says is the first step in deciding a theme. When the designs are finished, Holail and her team visit manufacturers to select the perfect fabrics. It's this measured approach that has made Meema a success in such a short space of time.

“I’ve been always passionate about fashion designing. I started designing pieces since I was in college as it was my dream to graduate and launch my own fashion line. When I first graduated I first tried designing at first and unfortunately failed in one way or another. But I decided to train and practice and after 3 years of doing so, I finally succeed in designing a booming collection,” Holail told us. And the practice has certainly paid off - Holail was invited to Vancouver Fashion Week last year.

With Coquina, Holail has put together a versatile and chic collection whose pieces range between EGP 700-1000, so it’s pretty affordable to boot.

Check out more of the collection below: