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Egyptian Brand Rebel Makes Gorgeous Scarves That Look Like Watercolour Masterpieces

The mysterious alter ego and brand concept, Rebel, weaves an intriguing narrative behind the scarves.


Crafted with love and inspired by captivating places all over the world, Cairene scarf brand Rebel has caught our eye with its intriguing narrative. Rebel is both the brand name and the persona behind it, manifesting as a mysterious alter ego. Through a series of written entries posted on the brand’s Instagram page, we get to know who Rebel is— her likes and dislikes, her daily happenings, but most notably, her raw energy.

The brand aesthetic is dreamy yet bold, perfectly marrying the worlds of art and fashion. The pieces present themselves as a watercolour painting would, with rounded, sketchy illustrations and a translucency that exquisitely complements the sheer fabric of the scarves. They're inviting in their ethereal nature; they pull you into the fantasy they create.

The brand is a perfect example of storytelling through one’s art and making people fall in love with the plot. Glancing through Rebel’s collection, we end up connecting with the character and wanting to embody more of her. It's a gutsy move, having potential customers grow attached to their scarves by allowing them to empathise with a fictional character, but we like the cut of their jib as much as  we like the cut of their fabric.