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Egyptian Designer Kojak Goes Enchantingly Royal in New Capsule Collection ‘Knockout’

Each piece tells a raw story about femininity, recklessness, and survival in the enchanting city of Beirut.

Dusty sidewalks and old abandoned buildings are not what people imagine when someone says the word fashion; catwalks, runways, and red carpets are more likely to pop up. The fashion industry, with all its glamour, regularly detaches itself from the everyday lives of the people that seek it for inspiration and expression of what their words fail to capture.

Known for blurring the line between fiction and reality, sparkle and dust, beauty and imperfections, is Egypt's bold fashion designer Mohannad Kojak, who has gone high and low to strike us with Knockout, a new capsule collection that alluringly wraps all those incongruous concepts together. Knockout is a ground-breaking fashion statement that strips red carpets and runways of all the razzle dazzle, taking them instead to the streets and alleys of Beirut in order to tell the untold story of each of the gorgeous pieces, which capture sheer femininity and originality in the rusty and rather messy urban landscape of the Lebanese capital.

Because in fashion, as in life, things don't always fall right into place or make sense at first glance. But in those little contrasting details lie the manifestation of real beauty with all its imperfections and recklessness. “I didn’t want the look to be fully feminine or royal; I don’t like sticking to what’s typical,” Kojak says. “It’s all about the small details," he elucidates.Beirut, the Middle East's glamour mecca of shining example of resilience, was the location of the aesthetically stunning shoot. For the ancient Lebanese city, nicknamed Paris of The East, is known to be home to people, stories, and attitudes that are at odds with one another, yet manage to coexist in peace and coherence, which is what Knockout brings into light in the most stunning way possible.

Check out the full collection below...

Art Direction: Ghina Maalouf
Photography: Sam Rawadi
Makeup artist: Sharbel Hasbany
Hair: Hamza