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Egyptian Designer Laila Wahba's Campaign for Her New Collection is Trippy in the Best Way Possible

Egypt's premier jeweller of statement pieces just released her newest collection, and the shoot is weird, trippy, and totally breathtaking.

Some see jewellery as merely an extra accessory; an afterthought; an additional element to decorate their outfit. Others see it for what it is; a piece of art meticulously designed to present who they are to the world, with each piece telling a different story.

Laila Wahba, founder of eponymous jewellery brand, Laila Wahba Jewelry, belongs to the latter group, taking her dedication to the beauty and art she finds in jewellery a step further. After establishing her signature aesthetic - which leans towards bold, bright, statement pieces - with multiple collections, she's shifting direction ever so slightly for her latest collection. The recently released collection debuted with a quirky conceptual shoot, Check Mate, and features rich, lustrous pieces - but this time, without the riot of colour she has come to be known for. "This collection is quite different from all my previous work in many ways," Wahba tells us. "I wanted to experiment with a new direction for the brand. I'm known for my statement pieces that are usually made out of precious stones and are also usually quite colorful. It was time for something simpler and more classic but just as bold."

To bring this collection to life, Wahba looked to the past. "I have always been an avid collector of vintage pieces so I wanted to bring some classic designs back to life but with a modern twist while still keeping my signature," she explains.

The fascinatingly bizarre campaign shoot for the collection was beautifully conceptualised and executed by art director Ikon Chiba to set the stage for Wahba’s jewellery to shine and bringing her vision to life. "The inspiration came from the jewellery itself and how classic and timeless the pieces are. Initially, I took it as a challenge of showing beauty in covering up," Chiba explains.

Check out  the full shoot below:

Photography: Aisha Al Shabrawy
Art Direction: Ikon Chiba
MUA: Mahmoud Rashad
Model: Salma Abu Deif