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Egyptian Fashion Brand FERF Pays Tribute to Mermaids in SS19 Sirens Collection

From scale-like materials, ruffles and inverted corseted dresses, FERF is unfolding the story of Greek Mythology's Sea Sirens through Fashion.

Egyptian Fashion Brand FERF Pays Tribute to Mermaids in SS19 Sirens Collection

Inspired by primeval Greek Mythology and their tales of spellbinding creatures, Egyptian fashion brand FERF's new SS19 collection, 'Sirens', pays homage to the enchanting beings who lured seamen with their magnetic beauty and heavenly voices: mermaids. With ruffles, corsets and a creative use of material, 'Sirens' presents a fragmented interpretation of the myths and tales, subtly delivered with a contemporary twist. 

"In a way, my collection was inspired by mermaid's forms and silhouettes, and their habitats equally." designer Fareeda Abolnour told CairoScene. "But also fifth century styles and cuts."

One piece that encapsulates Abolnour's vision and stands as a highlight of the collection a body hugging athleisure dress that exits with wrapped layers of Chiffon of multi colored blues and blacks, creating a rather bold, unusual choice of color blocking.  

In other looks, Abolnour experiments with a ruffled two piece suit with puffy voluminous sleeves. Arriving with a gorgeous gradient of nature inspired colors, the look borders on editorial chic as it playfully explores use of transparency against a pattern that run throughout the whole suit.

With a unique eye for design, Abolnour has created looks that deconstructs silhouettes and shapes, forming them into her own, such as a white two-piece outfit, with a mermaid-like silhouette; the top features a strong collar and a loose short cape on the back. Her distinct outlook on fashion, however, only came to light after a very deliberately methodical period of preparation.    

"Moving back to Egypt from Paris in 2015 after my fashion studies there, I was eager to jump-start my own label as a fresh fashion design grad," she explained. "I really didn’t know where to start or how to begin so I postponed the idea for a while, until I developed more experience, built connections, and had a better feel of the market. Then in 2017, with the all the emerging up and coming brands I felt it was the right time. I did my research and gave the brand the name FERF, which is short for Fareeda."

"My long term plan is to be a well-known international medium-high brand," she explained, adding that she wants her brand to represent a form of accessible and modern form of fashion. "In the short term, I'll be launching a website very soon, collaborating and working on various displays in concept stores in the MENA region." 

Check out more from FERF on Instagram.