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These Gorgeous Egyptian-Made Leather Bags Will Go With Literally Every Outfit In Your Closet

Who says practicality and style can't co-exist?

Handbags are reliable AF; whether we gain weight, lose weight, or even get pregnant - they will NEVER put us through the painful process of moving a size up. Handbags stick by our sides like loyal Labradors and only get on our nerves when we can’t fit our everyday essentials inside. Why is it so hard to find a stylish bag that can fit our wallet, phone, makeup bag, jumbo lotion, and emergency snacks? The struggle is real ladies, but don’t give up yet – there’s still hope. 

HL Designs is an Egyptian bag brand, offering a variety of minimalist and embellished leather handbags and backpacks, that are roomy enough to stash all our crap and also chic enough to carry to dinner. We can finally have our cake, and eat it too. "Practicality and style can co-exist and this is what we strive to deliver,” says Heba Ragaee and Laila Sherif, founder of HL Designs. 
But while the brand has a slew of chic, functional, normal-sized bags, mini-bag lovers, fret now - you are not disregarded. “We realised some people love miniature bags, so we created a few smaller bags this collection, but not too small that you can’t fit your phone and wallet," the duo say.

Inspired by Okhtein’s success story - that of an entirely Egyptian-made brand that managed to merge style and quality and make it big - Ragaee and Sherif, decided to shift their professional careers and build their brand - one bag at a time. “When people started seeing our products, we’d see the surprise on their faces that was followed by the question, ‘how’s this Egyptian?' At first we wouldn’t respond, then we started saying, ‘why wouldn’t it be?’ Proving the potential of the Egyptian market and products became our main motivation,” they tell us.

With butter-soft leather and unique designs, at affordable price points, ranging 1200-2400 EGP, HL designs saves us from the horror story of spending on designer hand bags - although the much-loved Classic Chanel and Fendi Peekaboo will always have a special place in our hearts.

HL Designs are found in Popup Shop (Downtown Mall), Hype (Zamalek), ZAG store (Heliopolis), RAX (Galleria 40), and also sold online. 

Check out their Instagram page here