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Egyptian Street-Style Brand UNTY Reworks Classic Pieces for New Capsule Collection

You might even say that they're 'taking a walk down memory lane', LOL. Get it? Because 'street'. No? Whatever, just read the damn article.

Egyptian Street-Style Brand UNTY Reworks Classic Pieces for New Capsule Collection

Egypt’s coolest purveyor of cool t-shirts, UNTY, has released a typically cool capsule collection of yet more cool t-shirts. #Cool. This collection, however, is a little different in that founder Omar Mubarek has, not for the first time, taken walk down memory lane, revisiting some of the local brand’s most popular and memorable designs, but adding small twists to them.

“It’s a small capsule collection of some of our classic pieces,” Mubarek told CairoScene. “We made slight modifications from the original form of each respective piece. This is our third release where we have restocked old designs with small changes in either cut, design or colour.

Explaining that UNTY’s goal is to strike that tricky balance between expanding its reach while maintaining the brand’s trademark exclusivity of every piece, Mubarek even goes as far as to say that he actually enjoys these smaller collections.

“It’s is exciting since we have a lot of one-off designs that we want to release that don’t necessarily go with a collection,” he said. “Just for the f*ck of it basically.”

It’s this devil-may-care attitude and approach that has become a signature of UNTY’s general ethos, one that can be seen in the accompanying photoshoot, which features up-and-coming DJ and general cool-dude, Gahallah, who has lent his body in the name of new UNTY collections before. They also recruited photographer, Ahmed Tarek, who, for Mubarek, exemplifies what has made UNTY so successful.

“He’s young, ambitious and has an educated understanding of the type of brand UNTY is,” Mubarek said, while also explaining that his chemistry with Gahallah made him an easy choice for the Attaba-located shoot. Beyond the visual of an old Cairo, the area has a personal significance to Mubarek.

“We did Attaba, a place where I’ve personally spent a majority of my sweat and time there for inspiration, sourcing materials and giving tours to unsuspecting foreigners who want to see something cultural in Cairo.”

Check out more of UNTY on InstagramFacebook and the brand's official website.