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Egyptian Streetwear Brand Zang Releases its Latest Collection with a Killer Video

Zang's new collection and photography truly tap into what real streetwear is all about. Grit, comfort, sexiness, and all.

Let’s all agree on one thing – over the past few years, street style in Egypt officially became ‘a thing’ – it’s the art of looking elevated but also dressing for Cairo’s oppressive nature – I mean, we all know, our dusty capital can be a very unforgiving place. Street style is the art of dressing up and looking up-to-date without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Zang, a pretty dope three-year old Egyptian street style brand, continues to bring individuality and creativity to the market. They are set to launch their latest collection, Undivided at end of the week WITH THIS KILLER VIDEO - exclusively given to CairoScene.

“The collection is inspired by human unity and oneness – we all come from different backgrounds, we have different skin colour, ethnic races and religions – but at the end of the day we’re one human race - so we’re undivided,” tells us Bassam Emam, founder and owner of Zang.

Undivided offers bold pieces and stand out prints; the collection walks the fine line between skater and hip-hop culture flawlessly; while proving that a brand can stick to a basic colour palette and remain successful. Zang’s clothing, that’s slouchy and sleek will sure save us from our itchy and uncomfortable sweaters. “After many trials and errors we’ve reached the quality we offer and we’ve matured so much since our first collection. Our brand is not a baby anymore,” adds Emam. 

Like every collection by Zang; Undivided features three lines – basic which only includes an embroidered logo, core offering themed pieces, and Elite which comes in limited editions pieces and uses special fabrics and typographic logos. Not only does this brand make tees, sweatshirts and hoodies, like its industry mates, Zang makes jackets, crop crew necks and sweatpants under its own label, too.Zang is selling online and at all Virgin Mega Stores in Egypt – but we can’t wait for their first flagship store in CityStars to open soon with an audio-visual experience, how cool!

Check out Zang's Instagram account here.