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Eid Vacation in the Bag

You're not going to get far into the beach without a bag to carry your essentials in - so why not carry them with style? Here are our pick of local brands making the trendiest beach bags.

Towel, sunscreen, a light read, some snacks... the beach demands many things from us. Yet all these things demand just one thing in turn - an especially stylish bag to carry them in. Check out our top local picks for beautiful beach bag brands.

CRABS // @crabs_beachbags

Conjure the image of Bedouin fabrics in your mind. Now imagine them thrown into a blender with every colour possible - that’s the energy these vibrant beach bags are serving.

ZAAM // @zaamofficial

If you want a beach bag that looks fit for a night out, Zaam’s patterned totes take high street to the beach.

LABEL O // @label.o.beachbags

Cylinder bags, pouches, totes, bucket bags - this brand offers a varied selection for anything the tides may bring.


These transparent, plastic totes feature an inner compartment that keeps your precious belongings safe from the mushy reach of your wet towels.

AGAMY VIBES // @agamyvibes

Straw and tassels is one thing - but have your ever seen straw and studded leather? Bring out your inner grunge at the beach with these unique pieces.

COARA // @coara_beachbags

These sophisticated bags will have you looking dapper at the beach with their leather exterior and neutral colour palettes.

N CLUTCHES // @nclutches

If totes aren’t your thing, these spacious, hand-crafted beach clutches might just be it.


HENZBAGS // @henzzbags

These bucket bags are decked out with charming boho accessories like trims, pompoms and coins.

NUNIZ// @nunizcairo

Known for their genuine handcrafted leather handbags, Nuniz pours every bit as much love into their beach bags.