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El Beit Beitek: The Ultimate Summer Shopping Experience

Would you like a cup of tea and friendly chat with the ladies while you shop? With this new boutique in 6th of October City, you'll definitely feel like El Beit Beitek.

When summer hits, we tend to grow tired of 'normal people clothes'; the basic pair of pants and a cute top just doesn’t cut it for us anymore. With this massive heat wave of a summer, we already feel like we’re constantly trying to escape the inside of a hairdryer. Then comes the usual dilemma of waking up every morning, opening the closet door, and staring for at least 10 minutes – the temptation of giving up and slipping on pair of skinny jeans and a white tee and a pair of superstars is real. Resist! There's hope! We know the struggle of buying cute attire only to find that your friend owns the exact same piece. If we had a pound for every time we walked into a place and saw someone wearing the same outfit… “The idea of creating individuality though attire hit when we noticed that most people shop at the same four or five stores, so we wanted to create a space where you can buy unique pieces with fair prices,” explains El Beit Beitek co-owner Nibal El Semary.

Working alongside Maha Mahmoud, the co-owners ensure that all their pieces are “crafted by local designers, or women who travel abroad, buy a few unique pieces, and sell them here”, says Mahmoud. From sexy swimming suits to niche furniture, you'll find anything that your little heart desires, especially for the sweltering summer season.“We also couldn’t find any boutiques around the area that offer local designers’ products, so we decided to call every local designer we know, as well as anyone who imports interesting brands from abroad, and opened El Beit Beitek” Mahmoud adds. What we love most about this boutique is the homey vibes; once you walk in, you can have tea with the ladies and comfortably try pieces of their new collection. With designs from right here at home and all over the world – from India to London, Turkey to Italy – you'll definitely stand out and turn heads while walking down the busy streets of Cairo. So long, jeans and tee!

Check out their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here.