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Em Designs: Endlessly Boho

With summer well and truly upon us, it's about time to switch those cuffs and spikes to something a little more laid back, and a lot more colourful. We speak to Eman Abd El-Aliem about her Crayola-hued creations...

Another day, another adorable local accessory brand. The sartorial sphere is flourishing in the country, whether its clothing or cute pieces to adorn your wrists, and our latest discovery is Em Designs, which features oodles of bracelets and necklaces in a kaleidoscope of Crayola colours. There’s arm candy for days, from delicate beaded pieces to chunky wrist cuffs – it would put every Sinai beach-going hippie to shame.

The brand was started a year ago by Eman Abd El-Aliem, who decided to put her love of accessories and art to work by launching the creative line. “I love anything related to art and colours and that’s why I started working on my own brand,” she explains. “I design the pieces myself and it’s all entirely handmade.” The pieces scream bohemian gypsy and their popsicle shades make us want to run away and live on the beach. Sigh. Instead, we’re just sitting in the office. No beaches to speak of. But perhaps when we put one of these on we shall be transported to our nearest beach? Perhaps. Abd El-Aliem draws inspiration from all things colourful and free-spirited. “I get inspired from bohemian and Indian style; I love the colours they use. Sometimes I’ll also use more oriental fabrics,” she tells us. “I always have my sketchbook with me and I’ll get ideas anytime, anywhere – so I draw it right away or take notes to help me later in designing.”

If you’re already in the summer spirit, and we are, we suggest you go take a peak at their pretty pieces.

You can follow them on Instagram @emdesignss.