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Esther & Georgette: Colourful Egyptian-Woven Designs

Now you and your home can be hippie together.

With the rise of hipsters and the return of the hippies, doesn't it seem like there's a new alternative lifestyle surging in Egypt? One that is all about being easy-going, feeling comfortable, and true to oneself? Everyone can be spotted flocking to non-commercial beautiful pockets in Sinai to spend their vacation, dressed in loose harem pants, and lying down on spreads embroidered with Bedouin patterns. It's an image that makes you feel like you're in the Bohemian fashion capital of the world. And fashion, as always, loyally expresses our change in taste, but our love for designs and shapes makes us who we are – that love is so real and consummately reflected in the world of chemist-turned-designer Sara George and her vibrant brand Esther & Georgette.You may be wondering where the name Esther & Georgette comes from when her name is Sara – they're the names of both her grandmas who were designers and ignited her passion for design at a young age. Isn't that the cutest! And because grandmas and colourful designs are susceptibly the source of light and warmth on earth, they're here just in time for the summer. The designs are ravishing with colourful, tribal, and indigenous-inspired patterns; ranging from hand-printed kimonos and loose dresses, to duvets and bed linens – this is the stuff you need to keep the wanderluster in you alive.But you won't only get a sense of wanderlust, you'll get a sense home. “I’m an avid believer in promoting the Egyptian industry; I make sure that all raw materials used are fully Egyptian – even the buttons – to create happiness-inducing designs that are affordable and available for all,” George proudly mentions.

Before you think using 100 per cent Egyptian materials makes pieces abundantly available, note that all items in Esther & Georgette’s boutique are limited; only a few pieces of each design are ever produced. You can order online from Esther & Georgette over their social media and, soon enough, you will be able to order or pay online through their website.

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