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Exclusive: First Look at Amr Saad's Latest Eyewear Collection

Using precious metals and unique stones to execute modern frames with a touch of Egyptian heritage, Amr Saad's new eyewear collection and its accompanying fashion shoot has us drooling for more. Take the first look here...

It would be a gross understatement to consider Amr Saad’s label an ordinary eye-wear brand; he’s more of an artist, an uprising silversmith and a rare breed in his field and industry. Using classic Italian craftsmanship techniques - Italy is the home of fabulous shades, after all - Saad creates intricately handcrafted frames using the highest quality of gold and silver as well as precious and semi-precious stones; minimalistic yet so fascinating and individually distinct. Each designis  unique and elegant, with razor-sharp inspiration derived from nature’s supple imperfections.

For his first collection, Amr Saad teams up with fashion photographer Aisha Shabrawy and stylist Sundos Al Ayoub, and model Salma Abu Deif to execute a theme he’s been brooding about for some time. “I’ve had it in my head all along … The minimal lines, the gradient colour of the lens, and the classic feel of each model blending into contemporary style.”

Being a sort of cultural explorer as well as a designer, Saad took his collection all the way to Aswan for a striking and comprehensive end result. “I have always been intrigued by Egypt's different faces and I plan to explore and expose more of so through my brand. That's why I chose Aswan for the first collection.” Saad describes his experience shooting in Aswan as exhausting and yet so incredibly rewarding; “Aswan was extremely hot! As in scorching sun, with us running around with clothes and invading Nubian family homes to get Salma into her next outfit. Aisha had a semi sun stroke and I myself had a nose bleed! It was crazy but worth every minute.”

Amr Saad believes the overall experience of a shoot simply wouldn’t be the same without the right team; “Aisha was a star basically, and shares the same love for Egyptian heritage. Choosing Salma as the face of my eyewear collection was a spot-on decision; her positive playful character really added a lot on camera and behind it. I think having friends to work with eases the stress of all the worries that come with launching your personal creation.” Take a look at this magnetic shoot below!

Amr Saad will be launching an online store for this collection, and hopefully the many to follow, and is also planning to open stores in Cairo, Dubai and Kuwait.

Check out Amr Saad's website here, and Facebook page here.