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Flip-Flop Accessories: a Fusion of Metal and Material

We speak to Lamis Orhan, founder and designer of the jewellery brand, fusing styles and elements for a unique unisex range of accessories.

Taking a growing hobby to a higher level by turning it into a business is probably the best idea for a starter in the market, as the passion will drive commitment and therefore success. That is what we see as an end-result of what the fashion savvy now know as Flip-Flop Accessories.

"It all started when I was making myself bracelets and decided to also hand some to my family members. Judging by the joy my accessories brought them and the pride they wore it with, I decided to make a business out of it and share that feeling with everyone," says brand founder Lamis Orhan.

"It is a unisex brand that offers various types of jewellery and accessories and I like to combine metals with non-metallic materials to create interesting texture combinations," continues Orhan.

The handmade label also produces rings, anklets and interlocked bracelet/ring sets, as well as detailed watches with a beautifully blended mixture of colours. "The most important thing about a product is its quality, and quality can only be perfect when handmade with passion. That's what I do," concludes Orhan.

 Find Flip-Flop Accessories on Instagram @flipflop_accessories