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Fufa's New 'Wonderland Found Her' Collection Takes Us Back To The Swingin' 70s

Local brand Fufa’s new SS16 collection, Wonderland Found Her, has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland (unfortunately), but its splashes of seasonal colours and patterns will make it seem like you’re in a bohemian dreamland...

The idea of textile patterns of the Renaissance may not get you jumping up and down unless you were a geeky history major, but Fufa's mix of these hipster patterns in her new Spring/Summer collection, Wonderland Found Her, definitely will. “What I was going for was mainly creating a line that is all about comfort in this hot weather, while looking incredibly summery and flattering,” designer Farah El-Ashiry explains.Summertime is all about living life as though it's a stroll along the seashore, and Fufa's new soft patterned outfits are all about that summery feel. Reinventing fashion's favourite gypsy-like patterns through flowy tops and pants this summer, you’ll basically feel like you’re wearing air; and who wants to wear tight and hefty clothing in the summer, anyway? It's all about the feather-light materials. “Like most of the collections I designed before, I worked with prints and viscose cotton. I get materials whenever I travel from Istanbul and Thailand, for example. This time I've used fabric from my grandma's collection from Turkey, Saudi and Egypt,” El-Ashiry tells us.You have to admit, it’s not summer without some bohemian gypsy vibes, and we can tell Fufa’s new 70s-inspired collection is going to be the 'it' brand to wear this season. Work it on the (imaginary) sandy runway in Fufa’s attractive tropical floral-printed maxi skirt and a bikini top on your way to a beach party, or while you’re just chilling with your girlfriends by the water. “The line really reminded me of the Aladdin movie; I even call the pants for this collection Aladdin pants. I think what I enjoyed the most is imagining it all together; the prints and the cuts. It all looked so magical,” El-Ashiry shyly admits. To keep the boho vibes alive through the night, you switch it up from a short flowery skirt and cute patterned blouse combo to a breezy jumpsuit in a palette of bright, sea-inspired colours. “We've developed a story where all the girls would be lost somewhere alone looking for that place - a place where there's music, and lots of dancing, singing, and complete freedom to do whatever they want. This is when they find wonderland,” El-Ashiry explains. Her advice to you? Stay simple, be colourful and bright, and wear what fits your personal style. Don't miss her launch tonight - March 29th - at ABn'G in Zamalek!

Happy summering!

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