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Gant Takes Over CairoScene

Despite protests from some of our more "fashion independent" staff members, Gant swooped in this week and hooked us up with some preppy new threads, transforming our ragtag team of writers into seriously snazzy dressers.

Drop by the CairoScene office on any given day and you’ll probably be shocked at what a bunch of slobs we are. We’ve worked hard to maintain the illusion that ours is a team of cutting edge fashionistas and punk rock style icons. But peer behind the digital veil and you’ll find a crew decidedly less than fashionable. Ripped distressed jeans are Farah Hosny's daily attire; Timmy Mowafi is rarely seen without his beanie; Eihab Boraie is constantly wearing hoodies; and we’re pretty sure Skot Thayer wears the same Star Wars T-shirt every day.

Luckily, Gant came by and took pity on us, lavishing upon us a plethora of fine threads fit for an outing at the country club followed by an evening spent sipping fine cocktails. Decked out in our preppy disguises, some of us felt like we should be out at the yacht club, using our affable demeanour and high style sophistication to secure new industry contacts for our burgeoning caviar polo business, or maybe heading to the rowing competition to cheer on our dear friends, Chandler and Tristan.

Our mothers are so proud that we traded in jeans and graphic tees for more sophisticated garb. They still just wish we’d settle down and provide them with thousands of grandchildren already. We look so dashing and dapper in our Gant gear we wish we could wear it all the time. We’d feel terrible getting the inevitable cigarette ashes and shawarma stains all over our new clothes, though. 

You can shop all the items featured above at Gant stores across Cairo: 5 Lebanon St., Mohandessin, Mall of Arabia, 6th of October, Cairo Festival City, 5th Settlement, and soon at City Centre Alexandria.