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Gazb Crystals: Egypt's Healers

While some find shopping therapeutic, Gazb Crystals are the Earth's way of healing us from its core, all the way to our core.

We all try to function as part of this world, while maintaining our own individuality, and when we find the time, practise our self-care – we've said it a million times, and we've tried it a million and one times. But let's dig deep into the soul, and find out what it really, really loves. What if we were able to wear our soul on our skin? What if we're able to heal ourselves through elements found at the core of our Earth – after all, we come from it and we go back to it. Now, keeping that thought in mind, you should know about the concept of jazb – pertaining to Sufism – which encourages the soul's attraction, absorption, and ingathering into the source of existence, reciprocally. Woah, that's some deep shit. But that's right, Gazb's handmade pieces – the necklaces, earrings, pendants, wall hangings, and rosaries – are not just about accessorising and buying something chic or cute, it's about the soul's connection with all that falls on the body and vice versa.The founder of Gazb, Sami Soliman, tells us that he was inspired from a young age, watching his mother practice her homeopathy – a form of natural, alternative medicine. Naturally, he was inspired by the powers of nature and the soul's need to be an active participant in its own healing. Not only that, but it ignited in Soliman his love for crystals. "I used to collect crystals from all over the world, and then suddenly, I just thought, 'why am I not sharing this beauty with the world?'" he says of the unique pieces he decided to share in the form of Gazb's handmade accessories.However, Soliman emphasises that crystals are not magic. "They're not voodoo, and they're not going to suddenly change everything," he says. "They're like food supplements – if you take them, you still have to take care of your health." While they do have some healing properties – because they absorb different elements from our surroundings and they each have different radiations, and all that good stuff geologists will gladly explain – he says that "the most unique aspect of crystals are the stories behind each one;" that they're much like us, they're individuals. Amethysts, for one, are painfully gorgeous, but they are also known to have a sobriety property, and they were used in churches for centuries for that very purpose – we guess people won't be wearing those over the weekend, and will be looking for the I–just–want–to–have–fun–and–dance crystal.In the end, what do we see? We see beautiful objects that can definitely bring hope, prosperity, health, love, and peace because they're made with love and you've handpicked them with love – Soliman designs, but the craftsmen do all the other good work. Soliman tells us, "It's not just about the person being attracted to the crystal, it's also about the crystal being attracted to you and finding you – gazb goes both ways." And, if you're attracted to a particular earthly element but can't find the perfect design, ask them to custom make it for you – they'd be happy to.

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