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Get Shady With These Regional Sunglass Brands

These homegrown brands will make sure you've got the shades for anything you'll need to face in life, even if it's your own face. Trust us. They got you.

It’s time for your face card to never decline, here are the regional brands upscaling your sunglass wardrobe…

Karen Wazen Eyewear

Whatever Wazen unearths never fails to re-invigorate the regional fashion scene. Celebs such as Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian stand testament to the brand’s dexterous impact and their prolific pioneering of innovative statement pieces. 


The name does - to a certain extent - speak for itself, but yes, Jazzy is the brand you go to when you’re craving a taste of the eccentric without fully succumbing to the oncoming slew of ridicule laced with complete fashion ineptitude. 


Nothing would ever feel wholistically Arab if palmette flower babes Okhtein are not included in the dialogue. Making headlines whenever their name is uttered, Okhtein’s sunglasses bridge the gap between Milan fashion week and Palm Hills mums and that’s kinda about it. 

Amr Saad

Regional sunglass giant Amr Saad’s geometric shades stand atop every affluent college kid’s counter as a symbol of their individuality complex. The sleek yet meticulously crafted designs scream, “I’ve read every Harper’s Bazaar issue ever since I could muster a sentence.”

Nile Eyewear

When Nile Eyewear first came to fruition they cemented themselves as THE go-to sunglass brand and for good reason. Their designs reign supreme in the land of lake view pilates girls and corporate dads looking for yet another half-frame rectangular silhouette to match their stiff demeanor. 

Ahlem Eyewear

Never for the visually impaired because if one thing is for sure, it’s the fact that these shades will be a hassle to get on your face. Bold, bright, and boisterous Posh amalgamates the region’s most innovative Sunglass designers in the show out of the decade. 


Steeped in quirkiness, Posh is the brand you go to because you’ve been invited to a themed NYE party but then realize they actually have way more to offer. Yes, there are still the slightly questionable binocular-esque sunnies, but other than that the pieces are quite generally digestible.