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Get Snug as a Bug In Bastet’s New Winter Knits

In a fluffy rug.


Hygge /ˈh(j)uːɡə,ˈhʊɡə/: a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. This Danish concept marries the idea of cosiness and joy into one—a fantastic way to withstand the harshness of the wintertime that serves as a core aspect of their culture.

During this frosty season in Egypt, we could all do with a bit more hygge in our lives. Which is why we’re excited to show you Bastet, the perfect destination for your wintertime supply of cosiness—and style.

Bastet’s latest winter collection can be described as feminine and clean. The new releases are catered to the everyday woman who wants to look her best while being comfortable in the cold and is comprised of heavy knits, rich leathers, furs and tweed. The colour scheme comes in largely neutral tones like creams, rich burgundies, and worn denims with the addition of pastels or earthy colours that can be easily coordinated with other items. Our favourite? The lush coffee-coloured beige pieces.

The online store, owned by celebrity stylist Nada Hussam, was launched late December 2018-- a little over a year ago. The store is inspired by the ancient goddess of women's secrets, cats, fertility, childbirth, and the home. Which makes sense, considering they've got us feeling homier than ever. This season, there’s no need to go anywhere without getting super-hygge in their warm, snug and perfectly stylish winter attire.

You can find this trendy online store on Instagram, where you can DM them with your orders.