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Hawai: Tropical Egyptian Fashion

Ever wonder what Polynesian waters caressing your skin and fruity tropical scents imbuing you feel like?

Polynesian waves, tropical fruits, local olive-skinned babes and hunks, and tourist visas to the US that you can hopefully overstay - and seeing as Donald Trump is already backtracking on his promise to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants, we say you have a pretty good shot - are just some of the reasons everyone loves Hawaii. But let’s not kid ourselves, we’re Egyptians, we can’t go anywhere. We can, however, dream and imagine the Polynesian waters rippling against our skin! Hawai is not the name of a subpar Egyptian coastal development whose naming process was conducted by a bunch of orthographically challenged businessmen. It is a fashion brand that promises all that the 50th state has to offer except cheaper and more accessible for us.If Hawaii was an Egyptian cotton t-shirt it would probably be a Hawai; comfortable and simple, yet loud and colourful! Breezy and just totally effing rad! The kind of t-shirt you’d smoke illegal substances and spew deceivingly insightful theories to a mesmerised audience in. 

Check out Hawai on Facebook and Instagram @hawai__!