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How Sami Amin Weaves the Egyptian Spirit Into Eye-catching Handbags

Designer Sami Amin highlights the 'Egyptian Spirit' - one that is riddled with creativity, ancient motifs, heritage, and nature - in this exclusive CairoScene docu-feature.

Trailblazing artisan Sami Amin took the local handbag scene by storm when he began creating microcosmic odes to Egypt’s rich culture. Polishing every design with artistic vigour and pure passion, the leather goods expert began interweaving handcrafted metal embellishments into his bags alongside a slew of decals that draw inspiration from nature and all its facets.

A name unfamiliar to few - mostly because it’s scripted in Thuluth, a form of Arabic calligraphy, on all his pieces - Amin has been at the forefront of the industry since the brand’s launch in 1977. Placing ample focus on multi-medium creations, Amin aims to spotlight the ‘Egyptian Spirit’, one that is riddled with creativity, ancient motifs, heritage and nature. All enshrouded in a deep desire to preserve and honour this quasi-spirit he channels.

Punctuated by their irregular lines, the pieces not only mimic the haphazard nature of handcrafting as a process, but according to Amin, they stand testament to the spontaneity of nature.

On a quest to unravel what goes on behind the scenes, we took to Amin’s Zamalek location as he welcomed us with open clutches (pun intended), generously walked us through his design process and openly shared the personal and emotional affiliations he has formed with art.