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Indira Jewelry's New Collection is Changing the Conversation Around Men's Accessories

"Indira’s Slate Man captures the soul of the contemporary man, who complements the Indira woman and embraces a similar philosophy on life."


“I have a brother who I always struggled to buy presents for – whether for birthdays, holidays or on my travels. It was either a dress shirt or a T-shirt or maybe a tie. I know my friends, colleagues and other females struggle with this as well,” founder and head designer of Indira, Marwa Saadawi, told CairoScene. “Men have always had limited choices when it comes to fashion and particularly accessories. So I thought, why can’t a man express himself through jewelry the way a woman does?”

Indira Jewelry’s inaugural men’s line, the Indira Slate Collection, is the solution to the globally acknowledged dilemma of buying a man something nice that is not a pen, wallet or pipe accessory. Experimenting with the concept of accessories for men for the past few years, the collection is now finally launched and available for purchase.

With the first collection out, they are now working on introducing fine gold to other products like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, standing out, as a brand, with their premium customer service and high quality. To make the process easier for their clients, they offer multiple payment options, delivery services and premium quality packaging.

Saadawi’s leap from an education in child therapy, psychology and education to founding and designing her own jewelry brand saw the launch of Indira Jewelry in 2016. “I was living between New York and Cairo, where I would apprentice and train with the local silversmith (warsha), that I realized this was more than just a side business,” Saadawi told us. “I felt I was building a movement and the Indira community and the only way to succeed was if I moved permanently to Cairo. So I took the leap and moved to Cairo, leaving behind my New York life.”

You can find Indira in the following shops around Egypt: Mounaya, Amina K, Pop Up Shop, Coterique, Can Limon, Mitcha. Or on Instagram and their website: 

Photography courtesy of Ismail Sabet (@izmatique)
Art Direction: Sohaila Kandil (@sohailakandil)
Models: Omar Sherief (@omar_sherief_) + Ibrahim El Demerdash (@_theafterparty.xo)