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Introducing Manza, Cairo's Boldest New RTW Label

Manza Collective boldly steps on the fashion scene with their brutally voguish photoshoots and eye-popping colours.

Local fashion brand Manza Collective stands out as a fresh face in Cairo’s fashion landscape with their eye-popping photoshoots, their visuals an amalgamation of brutally voguish photography and exquisite creative direction. With the help of celebrity photographer Amina Zaher and stylist Ahmed Sorour, their shoots are a level above the vast majority of up-and-coming labels, exuding strong inspirations from the European high street aesthetic. They didn’t say baby brand-- they said ‘fashun, baby’.

Designer Rana El Sheikh was once a corporate employee, before leaving her 10-year career behind to pursue her dream in fashion. “I personally used to shop online for evening wear, swimwear, among other things,” El Sheikh tells #CairoScene. “I decided to create a local fashion line that fills the Egyptian market gap and at the same time competes with global brands.” 

Their designs focus on eccentric cuts, bold colours and daring attire that is still wearable for the everyday gal on the go. For them, inclusivity is the name of the game, catering their product line to all shapes and sizes.

In the true spirit of high street, they’ve just opened their own brick-and-mortar location at New Cairo’s newest retail destination ‘Garden 8’, following their pop-up last summer in Sahel’s Diplo. Dripping in modern interiors, the store is every bit as sleek as their designs.