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Iskann's Confident Casualwear is Completely Made in Egypt

Designed and founded by cousins Rita, Maryam and Chantal Iskander, Iskann localises international fashion trends in ways that fit perfectly on Egypt's streets.

When the effortless chic that's exclusively exercised by Insta fashionistas decides to settle down with the airy comfort of a good ol’ pair of sweats, you get local fashion brand Iskann out of the mix. Their designs say, "I woke up like this,” as Beyonce would put it - even though you’ve actually been getting ready for over an hour. They don't know what you don't let them know.

Designed and founded by cousins Rita, Maryam and Chantal Iskander, the young brand aims to merge international fashion trends with what's expected of us when we're walking Egypt's streets. “There are certain items that seem really nice when seeing them online, but aren’t realistic to wear in Egypt because they aren’t conservative enough,” Rita Iskandar tells #CairoScene.

Iskann dropped their first collection in the summer, where they designed in consideration of how the only public appearances most of us get are during supermarket runs and other errands. You know, Corona things. But for the near future, as the world opens back up, they’ll start releasing evening wear.

The three founders have dedicated their time to not only creating an accessible, high-quality product line, but also to giving back along the production chain. From tailors, vendors, and couriers, the Iskandar girls make sure to diversify their outsourcing across the board.

You can shop this fab label’s designs through their IG page, @iskann_.