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Ivory Bohemian Art: Jewellery With Character

There is finally a jewellery line out there for rebels and social statement-makers! ...or the hipster wannabes.

There is nothing quite like a nice piece of jewellery to give your look a total 180 and bring out the hidden parts of your character. Fashion is a form of self-expression, right? Like for instance, if you're wearing a tiny Buddha pendant, it's probably because you are a Buddhist or a hipster who wants to project this image of enlightenment and self-awareness – or simply a hipster wannabe.  Buddhist or not – or wannabe hipster or not – you're going to love Ivory Bohemian Art’s jewellery. The pieces are rife with Buddhist and Zen memorabilia and ethnic charms. The gems adorning each necklace are literally rough around the edges, which gives the pieces their pristine and authentic look. Channeling almost a Boho-chic look, the pieces are bursting with character and will accent even the blandest of outfits (read: will save you from looking atrocious on those days when you grab anything out of the closet and run out the door).So if you feel like your inner hippie-dippie self has worn your mother’s wedding jewellery long enough, then you need to get your hands on some of their gorgeous pieces and live out your Bohemian fantasy. You have got to commit, though, so lose the corporate job! Just don't blame us for the repercussions – we just happen to like the jewellery.Check out Ivory Bohemian Art on Facebook and Instagram