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J's Designs' New Collection 'Her Cosmos' Takes Us Out Of This World

J's Designs did it again, this time capturing the art of space and putting it around our necks and wrists.

Jude Benhalim returns again with yet another exquisite collection from J’s Designs that has us wowed with her ability to turn avant-garde pieces into something so simple. The name of the collection, Her Cosmos, comes from the word 'cosmic', meaning anything relating to the universe or outer space, and that’s exactly where Jude took us when we saw the collection. Her Cosmos Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection features exclusive handmade jewellery pieces, made with sterling silver and gold-plated brass, and embellished with custom-made acrylic stones to bring about the perfect mixture of authenticity and eccentricity. Her Cosmos also features a limited collection of handmade genuine leather handbags, Benhalim told us.

When asked about the inspiration behind this collection, Benhalim told us that “Her Cosmos is inspired by asymmetric space constructions and cosmology; a galactic journey where she is more versatile, powerful and boundless in the whirlpools of infinity.” Benhalim then added, “My favourite part in creating the collection was that when I allowed myself not to stick to boundaries of symmetry and orderliness, I found myself coming up with bizarre designs and fell in love with the concept.”

We're surprised that Benhalim was able to pick a favourite piece from her astounding new collection, but she chose the Supernova collar necklace, saying, “It’s my statement piece and I worked the longest on designing it. It’s big, bold, sharp, and powerful. I love it.” Benhalim hopes for her designs to be worn by Beyoncé someday, as she’s a feminist with a strong voice who will definitely understand the concept behind J’s Designs.

Jude's favorite piece

Check out J's Designs' Facebook page here and to view and make orders visit their website here.