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The Jewellery Collection Paying Homage to Cairo's Golden Days

Inspired by one of Cairo's oldest landmarks, Mohammed Ali Club, Deena Wagdy's recent collection is a tribute to the city's golden days.

In Ancient Rome, Jewelry was more than merely an ornament. Specific accessories were worn to denote a certain rank in society. Today, not much has changed with our accessories being statement pieces that speak of our character. Egyptian designer Deena Wagdy is bringing the women of Egypt regality and elegance with her latest collection Downtown Glam.

Encouraging Egyptian women to reclaim their titles as queens, her pieces still retain an element of modernity. For her most recent collection, Downtown Glam, the designer found her inspiration in the regal details and more specifically the magnificent chandeliers found at the Mohammed Ali Club, in Downtown Cairo. "Downtown Cairo is what mainly inspired this collection, back when it was the place mostly frequented by the crème de la crème. Downtown Glam pays tribute to an era of elegance and sophistication,” says Wagdy. “It’s inspired by the neo-baroque architecture of Club Mohamed Ali, especially the decorative details and dazzling chandeliers.”Wagdy finds a lot of the inspiration for her pieces in the geometric shapes and architecture found in Cairo. Merging the new with elements of the past, the established designer manages to execute the ideal balance in making her accessories modern yet timeless.

“I find my inspiration in Egyptian heritage and the geometric patterns I see in local architecture and decorative arts. I like to inject constant opposition in my pieces, mixing the old with the new, mixing Sterling Silver with 18k Gold which makes the piece a lot more interesting and gives it a distinctive character,” explains the designer of the patterns chosen for her designs.Constantly aiming to infuse her designs with character, Wagdy prefers to mix a variety of time periods. She emphasizes that “there’s something static and too proper and almost flat about designing pieces that represent only one time period.”

Bringing out the queen in every woman, the Downtown Glam collection is classy, sassy and distinct. We dare you not to feel like royalty when donning one the line’s glam chockers, a statement piece from the collection, which is made up of 925 sterling silver finishes and a whole lot of personality.

"My pieces touch the different sides of a woman’s personality by rediscovering themselves with every Deena Wagdy piece they wear. I design timeless yet iconic jewelry combining feminine sophistication with edginess for women who are fearless of their own contradictions. Giving off a badass meets femme fatale meets Marie Antoinette feel, Wagdy’s pieces for this collection are reminiscent of a foregone era of glory that still retaining a sense of simplicity and modernity. Made up of stackable rings, chokers, necklaces, earrings and cuff, the designer uses coloured crystals and freshwater pearls to exude different hues depending on whether they’re worn in the day or at night. While the collection only came to fruition this year, the idea had been in the back of her mind for a while.  

"Years ago I was invited to a family Iftar at Mohamed Ali Club. As soon as I walked in, I was mesmerized by its elegance and grandeur and the glitzy Baccarat chandeliers. It really took my breath away.  It made me nostalgic for an era of glitz, poshness and understated elegance that no longer exists in Cairo today," states Wagdy. "Ever since then, every time I'd drive by it, I would admire its distinctive Neo-Baroque dome. It was only this year that I decided to work on a collection inspired by this stunning landmark."

Check Deena Wagdy's collection on Instagram.