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Jumia's New Chic Boutique Reveals 12 Egyptian Featured Designers

Egyptian fashion designers have found themselves a new home at Chic Boutique, the latest addition to Jumia Egypt's fashion department exclusively for promoting the work of Egyptian fashion designers.

Egyptians’ idea of style is sequins, beads, bling, and flashy colours – the more visually prominent, the better; we measure our style success by the extent to which we can make your eyes physically hurt. We are an entire nation of showstoppers, though not necessarily in a good way.

Jumia Egypt has just announced that they will be embarking on a fashion journey that will see the country’s finest designers spread their sartorial awareness among us Cairenes. The e-commerce giant will be launching the latest addition to their fashion department, Chic Boutique, an entire section dedicated to Egyptian designers. “This is an initiative to help emerging Egyptian fashion designers by providing them with a common platform where they can display the work, also, to support the local fashion industry,” Jumia Egypt Senior Offline Marketing Coordinator Ahmed Abd El-Qader tells us.

This huge undertaking will start with 12 homegrown design houses, most notably jewellery and apparel designer Sarah Beshier whose bold handmade pieces truly embody everything we love about fashion, and Egypt’s first local optical brand Nile Eyewear. Chic Boutique will also cater to your inner Bohemian with Sahara Collection’s hip yet vintage bohemia-infused pieces and Nahla El Alfy Designs’ unique brand of boho-chic with edgy cuts and even edgier prints. The environmentally-conscious, tree-hugging, yet equally sartorially savvy will find their fashion match in Up-Fuse's charming backpacks. Recycled from plastic bags, these babies scream 'fashionista with a cause'. Other brands include equally exciting names likes Eman El Nasharty’s E-Nash, Pellame, Noi Designs, Heba Mekled, Trinket, Ad’oro, and Sarai Couture.


With Chic Boutique set to grow bigger and expand to include even more brands, Head of Private Labels and fashion czar Hekmat Momtaz, who oversees the project’s operation, had to set forth some criteria to ensure quality: “I need to see that they have potential and passion, and that they are serious; I need to make sure they won’t be quitting after the release of their first collection,” she explains. “I’m also very keen on working with innovative and original designers who are willing to work hard, not copycats."

Nile Eyewear

In fact, Momtaz’s standards proved to be too much to handle for some. “We started with a lot more designers but many couldn’t follow through because it is a lot of hard work; what we do requires a lot of commitment,” she says.

It's not easy looking fabulous, and it has got to be a hundred times harder to make others look like they didn’t just roll out of bed! Kudos to these designers who make it happen, and to Chic Boutique for hosting them all in one place.

The mammoth event kicks off this Wednesday May 18th with the Agu’s SS ’16 Collection Reveal at Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse.

Find out more on Jumia Egypt's Facebook and Instagram @JumiaEgypt!

(Main image courtesy of Nahla El Alfy Designs)