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KAY Fashion House’s Mens Collection is Gold - Literally

KAY’s new casual t-shirts come with 18 karat Swiss gold, so you don’t even need to worry about accessorizing.

Sometimes you just got to have a little bling. For the guys out there who are too manly to accessorize, unisex casual wear brand Kay Fashion House has just solved your problem. KAY fashion house’s new Opulence collection merges luxury and casual wear, adorning simple cotton shirts with 18 karat Swiss gold. If you aren’t a huge fan of decking out your ‘fit with jewellery, but still want to express yourself with a little extra flair, then this may be the collection for you.

Founded between Cairo and Canada, the two-month-old brand was established by Karim Aglan, the designer behind KAY, and his wife and partner Salma Assem. “The brand was born out of a passion for creativity that we wanted to channel," Assem told CairoScene. "The idea behind KAY is to manufacture high-quality apparel in Egypt and create a platform here, but still be able to export that overseas and show the world what we can do here."

Casual wear represents the bulk of their products, which in turn is made into what KAY calls “wearable art.” Their graphic t-shirts are an obvious example of this, particularly in the ‘Lines’ collection. In ‘Opulence,’ however, the entirety of the design is left to a single black leather patch, and their eye/infinity logo, representing an endless capacity for design.

KAY is now available at D Store in Diplo, and will be available in the CFC branch soon as well. For online order, you can visit them on or