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Keep It Simple with Clay's Minimalist Attire

With a focus on minimalism, local fashion brand Clay entered the market in 2018 and has made their mark with flexible, contemporary wardrobes.

The world of minimalism is far from elusive. The name speaks for itself in more than one way. Be it fashion, interior design, or a way of life, minimalism is far more than a trend or aesthetic. It’s a manner of consumption. When it comes to your personal wardrobe, sisters Salma and Maie Shawky have come forth to the local fashion scene to usher in wardrobe staples that are, at their core, multifunctional. “The idea behind minimalism is to own a few things that can be used in so many ways, creating different looks without owning tons of clothing,” Salma Shawky tells #CairoScene. This is the ideology that birthed Clay, their contemporary fashion brand.

Clay first entered the market back in 2018, and has since released multiple collections that consist of basics and neutrals that can be dressed up, down, and paired with practically anything. “We named our line Clay for a reason, because our pieces can be molded to fit whatever style or occasion you need them to,” Shawky says. “Minimalism is great because you’re shopping consciously, and using a few, simple pieces to create so many looks and appreciate the beauty in simplicity." The brand's dedication to minimalism is reflected in their choices, placing neutral palettes and simple designs at its core.

“We want to focus on creating stuff that will never go out of style, and make it with the best quality we can offer," adds Shawky. Finding elegance in simplicity, this contemporary brand fully embraces the saying we’ve heard our parents preach time and again, “quality over quantity.” Maybe that's the real lesson this brand can teach us.

You can shop Clay’s designs through