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Kojak Releases A New Bridal Collection: Elysian

With Kojak's new twist on bridal gowns, it looks like he's intent on changing the entire cultural aesthetic one dress at a time.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more! This is what automatically comes to mind when we think of love and marriage; we know, we’re weird. Cinderella - or any princesses in general - is what tends to come to mind for normal people when they think of their wedding day. What comes to Kojak's mind is completely different. Being one of the greatest young designers in Egypt, Mohanad Kojak never fails to surprise us. This time around he’s got his new bridal collection, Elysian, a word that basically relates to heaven or something that has heaven-like characteristics. This new bridal collection is headed your way, and it’s not the typical poofy dress!

The first wedding dress ever documented was in 1406 and was worn by an English princess, and it was white because it was her favourite colour. Hmm…is that where it originated from? That's interesting. Anyway, sorry English princess from 1406 - Kojak is now breaking that worldwide norm. “People always do the same thing, mainly focusing on lace and creating a fantasy-like aesthetic. I thought if I do something different, I would have a unusual and unique edge,” Kojak tells us.
“The collection has several variations that fit different styles and venues; for example, some fit veiled women,” Kojak reveals. In addition to his bold dresses, Kojak didn’t forget to add the more classical designs in his collection, such as ballroom dresses. There’s always a story behind every collection and this time it's all about women who seek marriage for different reasons. “One girl seeks marriage for love, one for lust, one for social status, and one to avoid loneliness. Their mother supposedly advises them that marriage is not only about these elements, they’re all combined among other factors,” he explains.“I had a different vision, aside from the typical bridal options that people are given, in terms of fabrics, shapes, volume, and even colours,” he explains. Is Kojak actually going to break the norms of creating dresses other that white? “I mainly used off-white and white with gold embroidery; however, I have a burgundy wedding dress embroidered with gold, and a beige dress as well,” he reveals. Hats off to you, Kojak - that's truly bold.

“This was a collaboration between Salem AltaModa and I - he provided all the fabrics. I used feathers and fur for some of the dresses to create uniqueness. I also have a few lace dresses; however, I added an extra twist - I used brocade, for example,” he explains.

For all you brides-to-be, you’ll be happy to know that the designs are ready and made for people to purchase straight away; they all fit the contemporary ideals for brides who are looking to stand out and be bold. We’re not brides, but can we say ‘shut up and take my money’? We can just buy the dresses and chill around in our apartments like Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. Shh…don’t expose our desperation.

You can check out Kojak's Instagram page here.