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L/A Tickles Your Foot Fancy

One Egyptian accessory brand is on a mission to fuel a foot fetish across the nation...

Now that summertime is upon us, this has several implications; you've probably started exclusively eating an apple and half an almond for lunch to get into formet el Sa7el, you really need to get your car AC fixed because the amount of sweat produced due to the lack of it is unnatural and you've started smelling like an unholy abomination by the time you get to work, and you can't keep pushing those pedicure appointments anymore. Your feet are on full display all summer and we feel the need to advocate for, well basic foot hygiene, but also, some bedazzling.


This is where L/A comes in. Running her online brand on Facebook and Instagram, 26-year-old Laurene Ash is passionate about bringing sexy back to the little creatures that help us walk. Having launched her business just a few weeks ago, Ash’s business revolves mainly around anklets, but they also create several other summer accessories (think hippie headbands so you can always pretend you're at Coachella).

‘‘Everyone makes accessories for the other parts of the body. For me, the legs are the sexiest part of a woman and that’s why they wear heels. I like crafting these creations and I usually make them for myself, so I thought 'why not make them for girls to look sexy by the pool?'’’ says Ash.

For now, other than headbands and thigh pieces, she focuses most on making anklets, which are the ultimate summertime accessory - unless you have cankles of course, in which case you should always wear knee-high socks. JK but we digress. An anklet can cost anywhere between 50 LE to 150 LE depending on a variety of factors and an added perk about L/A is the fact that Ash offers the possibility of customisation of her already existing designs. Knowing that some colours don’t suit certain individuals, she’s flexible enough to play around with the anklets so the outcome is precisely what you want.

Ash has big plans for her quirky creations; she hopes to open her own shop in Sahel this summer, launch a men’s collection, and focus on accessories for other body parts. For now, she’s focusing on launching her earrings in the next couple of weeks and will have a table showcasing her handmade goodies at the Crafts Bazaar at Darb1718 on Thursday 16th.

You can find her creations on Facebook and Instagram.

All images belong to L/A.