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L’omdaBoga is Donating 50% of their Tote Bag Sales to the Egyptian Food. Bank

The three-year-old brand is now only selling the one product.

tote bag

Local bag brand, L’omdaBoga, has taken it upon themselves to put forth a message of social responsibility near and dear to their heart. Stepping up the impact of the local fashion industry, their new tote bag design sends out a message of human connection, and a responsibility towards our fellow man. Every purchase of their tote bag will see 50% of proceeds donated to the Egyptian Food Bank, the organization working tirelessly to ensure that those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic will have food on their plate.

“The tote bags share a social message about forgiveness, tolerance and human behaviours that bring us together, so I wanted to use its sales for another charity before the Corona pandemic happened," Noura  AlNaggar, the founder of L’omdaBoga, told CairoScene. "After it struck, I decided that the health crisis was a much more pressing matter, and I decided to use half of the proceeds to give to the Egyptian Food Bank."

The L’omdaBoga studio has now been closed for two months as a result of quarantine, and the tote bag is the only product they’re currently offering in an effort to keep the brand’s workers safe. The three-year-old brand is known for merging AlNaggar’s background in graphic design with fashionable product design.

L’omdaBoga manufactures everything in-house, ensuring AlNaggar’s close relationship with the studio artisans and direct involvement with the final product. The brand exclusively sources local, high-quality materials including genuine leather, Egyptian cotton, and canvas to create the final handmade designs we’ve come to know them for.