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LIQ is the Body Positive Local Label with a Killer Edge

Dedicated to creating pieces for all body types, LIQ carries an aloof allure with its flowy silhouettes and dark knight aesthetic.

Edgy and authentic, newly-launched local label LIQ takes an unapologetic approach to body inclusivity. With ample and flowy silhouettes, the unisex label carries an aloof allure, balancing masculine and feminine materials with its dark knight aesthetic.

“The brand came to celebrate inclusivity and individuality,” founder Lojain Alaa tells #SceneStyled. “I get inspired by strong and confident individuals, who aren’t afraid to show this in what they wear.” 

At just 19-years-old, Alaa worked on her label for months during the pandemic, committing herself to an inclusive approach that has led her to release sizes up to double X large. Whoever said you can’t look fierce has never seen you in this.