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Louboutin's Latest Collection Inspired by Egypt

The shoe wizard's new Scarabée line features three new iridescent nail polishes, two pairs of shoes and a clutch. Check them out here...

Some designers find their muses in models, others in actresses; master shoemakers Louboutin, however, found his latest muse in an insect. His new limited edition Scarabée collection draws inspiration from one of the most prominent pieces of Egyptian iconography; the scarab beetle. Louboutin has long been influenced by the exoticism and mythical nature of Egypt – he even owns a home in Luxor which he frequents often, though we can’t for the life of us fathom why he doesn’t invite us over more often. Waddup Christian, why don’t you do a nice 3ozooma for us, what’s your damage? Fine, whatever, you’re a world renowned legend of a designer, we’ll let it slide. 

Anyway, after a humorous teaser campaign featuring Louboutin himself Photoshopped into various Egyptian scenarios, the Scarabee collection was just revealed. It was inspired by the iridescent colours on the scarab beetle’s back and features a trilogy of metallic nail lacquer shades, two petrol blue patent leather pumps, and a matching clutch. “They can look beautiful and reflective under the bright sun, but also like a precious jewel by night,” Louboutin himself has said.