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Louboutinize Your Photos With the King of Shoes

Take the red sole to your pictures and give them a Louboutine twist with a new app from the shoe icon.

You know how all the great peoples' names sometimes just get twisted and turned into an adverb that perfectly describes something carrying a feeling/look similar to their creation? Yeah. Well, now we have Louboutinze by Christian Louboutin and no it's not a new line of the captivating, addictive red soled shoes and fashionable pieces...

Louboutinize is, in fact, a new application available on the Appstore that offers exclusive photo filters and direct shares to social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And YES, it's affordable for everyone, since it's totally free for downloading.

The app gets even more exciting as it introduces three types of filters: Rouge; with which you can add the brand's signature shade of red to any objects in the picture, or even the entire background; Legs which gets you swiping through the pics until you’re ready to run with it whether you're all classy and just sitting, posing or doing all the cool things you do when getting a photo taken and finally there's Crystallized; the filter that adds a touch of magical Louboutin to your shots.

Download the app here and get Louboutinized!