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This New Egyptian Fashion Collection Is Inspired by a Secret Paradise in Luxor 

Ahmed El Saédi's latest line, Paradis Secret was born of a secret paradise - a hidden gem in Luxor.

They say art imitates reality (we're not quite sure who they are though, to be honest), and the inspiration behind  of Maison Saédi's latest collection, Paradis Secret was found in his reality. Finding his muse while on a shoot for one for his older collections in Al Moudira Hotel, Luxor, Saédi was struck with a spur of creativity which saw the birth of a new line. 

Inspired by Al Moudira Hotel's natural surroundings, Paradis Secret was created in the likening of the earthy vibes of the Luxor hotel.

“I didn’t expect this sort of place to exist in Egypt. It’s like a secret paradise in the desert. Every nook and cranny looks like a tableau out of an art gallery. How could I not get inspired there!” exclaims the talented Saédi.  

Representing the fierceness of nature, Paradis Secret exudes an air of femininity and strength. Aiming to blend the models with their surrounding habitat, the designer opted for an organic photoshoot, even forgoing a hairstylist. 

“When I design dresses, I picture the women looking feminine, yet fierce. They’re done in the likening of the common Egyptian woman; a fighter,” Saédi says of his fashion pieces.

Check out the shoot:




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Photography: Khaled Hamdy

Styling & Art direction: Ghufran El Katatney 

Makeup artist: Engy Khalil

Models: Yasmine Hany & Yara El Etreby

Jewelry Designers: Indira Jewelry & Beit Ghaly