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Luxury Meets Modesty in This Egyptian Fashion Brand’s Ramadan Collection

Luckily, no Khayameya prints from local label Nazeeka.

Nazeeka's Ramadan 2019 collection

Thanks to a new generation of Egyptian designers, the country is gaining reputation as a thriving fashion capital. We recently caught up with fashion designer Naeeha Zaied to learn about her journey in the industry through Nazeeka.

Zaied finished her studies as a graphic designer and typographer in the UK, then worked in various fields until she stumbled upon her one true path: fashion.

Nazeeka was conceived as part of the new 'modest fashion' trend, which not only caters to hijabis but anyone who wants to dress conservatively whilst still looking fabulous. This, exactly, is what Nazeeka does best; mixing modest, hijabi style with modern trends.

Nazeeka was first launched in 2011 as a bag brand, then flourished into a full-fledged clothing line. “I was inspired by beach bags, then we designed kaftans to go along with them. Selling matching items was a success and people liked the idea,” says Zaied.


The fashion wizard told us that her kaftan line was designed for Ramadan. Playing mainly with linens as well as gold and silver colors, Nazeeka loves to make its clients feel elegant and fresh. “Egypt has a high potential to develop in the very near future when it comes to fashion, and we need governments and institutions to assist young designers to do so,” Zaied stresses.

Check out more of Nazeeka on Instagram.